First Day of Winter

December 29, 2009

Another article about the Greenest Garage in Chicago- This one in the Green Building Advisor which gets about 2,000 hits per day.  And its also one I happened to write.

More progress on the house as well- with the goal of getting the roof on by Christmas a lot of work had to be done in the few days right before- a few photos:

the roof trusses begin their span - looking west

view from the south window wall

Twilight beckons

The return of Artur, and the south wall rises

December 16, 2009

Artur, who was the lead carpenter on the Greenest Garage in Chicago, is back on the project of building the main house. 

Artur- looking a little colder than he did last summer

The south wall of the building will be mostly steel and glass.  To provide a nailer for the beam covering and for the mounting plates we re-used some of the 100-year old lumber.  It turned out to work even better than modern lumber because of its thicker dimensions, and fit into the beam almost perfectly.

the 100 year old lumber inside the south side of the I-beam

another vantage point


The south wall as viewed from the East

The South wall as viewed from the West


the West end of the house, framed by the roof top deck of the garage

A cold winter’s night

December 9, 2009

Despite the weather, progress continues on the the 2nd floor addition- this time the steel of the south wall.

Steel on the east face of the building

Vladamir and Artur set the steel (honest)

Woytek Celebrates

Vladamir pontificates

Artur communicates

The North Wall

December 7, 2009

Continued Progress on the 2nd floor addition. . . .

2nd floor - looking West

A wall rises

More to come

The finished product

The view west