The Coolest Garage Door this side of North Avenue

One Cool Door (also notice the net meter to the left)

One Cool Door (also notice the net meter to the left)

The BIG door is installed (18 ft annodized aluminum made of 37% reclycled material).  Also notice the Com-ed net meter sitting to the left.  It looks like a regular meter but spins backwards when the solar panels generate more power than we draw in the garage.  Right now we produce over 1000 percent more power than we use (producing about 700 kW hours/month vs using 50 kW hours/month).

This is Artur.



He is the foreman on the job.  Monday when we were installing the door, we needed a bigger header to support the 4 springs needed to raise the 18 ft door.  Not having planned for this, I raced to Home Depot to pick up four 10-ft 2 x 10 boards.  Artur then cut them to length and drove about 80-90 nails into the 4 boards to anchor them to the wall- all in about 15-20 minutes.  He did it in such a quietly competent, quick, serious and earnest way it was hard not to be awe-struck and I kept thinking what  a noble effort it was.

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