Visit from the USGBC

10 members of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) – Chicago Chapter came by on Friday for a tour of the Greenest Garage and the single family home.  The group included architects, landscape designers, engineers, builders and realtors.  I think they had a good time.

The tour group on the top floor (future Kitchen, Dining and Living space)

The gang, with a shot looking west (towards the garage)


Meanwhile, ‘Casey’ the brick subcontractor and his team installed the lintels on the window sills.

Jasiek (Red coat), and Kazek (Casey) share a moment about green building


Staszek (Black Hat) and Lezek (not smoking for once!) with looks of pride at the near completion of their work


 All the brick (except for the new lintels) was either a) left existing b) reused from the site after walls were moved or windows created, or c) came from the Antique Brick company located in Chicago which sells salvaged brick from demolition on other projects.

The upper west facade


One Response to Visit from the USGBC

  1. Thanks for opening your project and garage to discuss some of the great work you’re doing with the Elemental Building. The reuse of lathe is very innovative. One other interesting application is shown at

    Looking forward to keeping tabs on the project – especially the heating/cooling system. Keep up the good work Tom!

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