New Things from Old things

Playing with the 120 year old wood from the original structure has been one of the more rewarding parts of the project.  Oxidized and dark brown today, once the rough cut wood is run through the planer the golden hues of the underlying material are released to be seen again.

120 year old rough cut lumber

the same board after its been run through the planer

The following few pictures show a nearly 100% recycled bed made from material on the site.  The old fence posts were cut down to 10″ and the paint was ground off and used to serve as the legs of the bed.  The lath board planks that have been made (see the earlier Dust to Diamonds post on this blog) became the decorative sides and shelves of the bed.  Even the mattress supports came from old maple hard wood floors that were salvaged from the house.  Some nuts, bolts and washers were purchased to hold the thing together but that is about all that was new.

Old fence post

old lumber center and side rails with flooring supports

The final product

To see more pieces fabricated from the old material at 1610, see the Furniture page on this web site.

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  1. […] Bucktown neighborhood was to resuse as much of the existing structure as possible, with as much existing material as possible. Where new materials were called for, Tom chose high energy-efficient materials such as […]

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