Placing Concrete

As Mike Molnar once told me (from back in my Comer Children’s Hospital Days), you place concrete, you don’t pour it.  Last month we placed the basement concrete and have since framed the walls and run most of the plumbing and electrical in the basement and 1st floors.

Under the concrete we first placed 2 ” of  Polyiso Foil Faced Foam Board from AtlasRoofing.  The product will provide an R-value of 6.5 per inch under the slab.  It was also a bit hard to find, but we were steered in that direction after the August 1st article from Environmental Building News described the numerous downsides of Polystyrene Insulation which is still the dominant market product in below-grade applications.

Polyiso avoids many of the Polystyrene problems and the foil facing will help reflect the radiant heat from the radiant coils which were embedded in the concrete.

Since the concrete is going to be the finished floor we added ‘limestone’ color to lighten the look.

Polyiso Insulation as viewed from above


'Limestone' concrete comes down the chute


Vladamir (foreground), and Woytek, roll it out


A happy man


the calm after the storm

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