And a kitchen is found

A few weeks ago we bought a display model kitchen from Arclinea– the italian cabinet-maker that the Italian government chose (and they could have chosen any Italian cabinet-maker right?) to do the kitchen for the Italian Embassy in Washington DC.

Arclinea prides itself on being green by Reducing Consumption of Raw Materials, utilizing Low Emission adhesives and seals, using Recycled Materials, and practicing Green Manufacturing to make a Superior, Durable Product.

The only downside of the product is the energy cost of shipping from Italy.  And though the unit has been in Chicago for approximately 4 years, it’s not really re-used.  That said it fit the space so well that it was too nice to pass up.

Aaron, Susan, and Charles from Arclinea have been completely generous with their time and help with figuring out how to make all the pre-existing pieces fit in our new space, as well as providing general design advice.

The future 1610 Kitchen

One Response to And a kitchen is found

  1. Good choice for the kitchen. This natural oak Italia model with the recessed handle is still being proposed for current projects actually.

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