Maurie’s Doors

This is Maurie (along with me Tom, the developer).

Tom and Maurie

Maurie is 92, soon to be 93 and he’s lived in the neighborhood since 1919.  In fact his grandfather bought the two houses across from 1610 in 1917.  He grew up playing stick ball in vacant lots and his uncles ran a shipping service out of their 4 car garage.  He’s a union brick layer, or at least was for many years.  He still knows how to feather a joint as he displayed last summer when he borrowed some mortar and bricks to fix his brick garage.  A year and a half ago he gave me 5 doors that his brother had pulled out of a hotel downtown during the 30’s or 40’s.  He wasn’t sure what kind of wood but thought mahogany.  Now they are in the elemental building.

with many years of paint


And Hung

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