Are those solar thermal panels on your roof, or are you just happy to see me?

6 solar thermal panels which appear to be on my neighbor's roof but aren't

John Caravette and Jerry Bradford from Earth Wind and Solar are finishing up the solar install this week.  The 6 solar THERMAL panels (not to be confused with the 40 solar PV modules on the Garage which produce electricity) will provide approximately 60% of all the heating needs of the home.  That includes domestic hot water for showers, faucets and such as well as the heating system which is a radiant floor and radiant ceiling system (and will be the subject of future posts).

Before the panels were installed though we Arthur with a little help from Superman installed the metal roof.  I found this nice description of why a metal roof on another green home’s blog – the equinox house.  In addition to the reason’s below, the standing metal roof has the bonus of not being made from petroleum. 

Why Metal?:

lasts longer (50 year warranty)
is lighter weight
higher wind resistance
fully recyclable
saves energy (keeps roof cooler)
sheds water and snow faster

Arthur and Ted check the line

Superman (aka Woytek) happy about the day's work ahead

Jerry from Earth Wind and Solar marks out the supports for the panels

Arthur's Progress

Mr Happy (photo looking east)

Arthur enjoying the heat

The finished roof

Jerry from Earth Wind and Solar, explains the system

Jeremy, the earliest investor in Elemental Building checks out the system

Jerry and Matt check out details of the supply line.

The view looking west

The 'Coyote', Bucktown's iconic tower building in the background

Two more happy workers (Matt-Left, Jerry-Right) at 1610

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